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Wellness Program

A wellness program is designed to help employees and their families make behavior changes that reduce their health risks and enhance their productivity.

Wellness programs vary widely in design and may offer opportunities or incentives for improving health and wellness; such as losing weight, managing chronic health conditions or quitting smoking.  The essence of these programs is to encourage employees to take preventive measures to avert the onset or worsening of an illness or disease, and to adopt healthier lifestyles.


Why Offer
A Wellness Program?

Worksite health promotion is an investment in your most important asset, your employees.  Studies have shown that employees are more likely to be on the job and performing well when they are in optimal health.

Benefits of implementing a wellness program include:

  • Attracting the most talented workers
  • Reducing absenteeism and lost time
  • Improving on-the-job time productivity and decision making
  • Improving employee morale
  • Reduction in turnover
  • Improved disease management and prevention, and a healthier workforce in general, both of which contribute to lower health care costs.

A Wellness Program

Workplace wellness continues to be a hot topic, and there are many different types of programs.  The most popular workplace wellness programs include: health risk assessments, weight management programs, smoking cessation and distributing a health/wellness newsletter.

You can achieve savings and increased productivity with just a few simple activities that promote healthy behaviors. Depending on the scope of the program, it can be a relatively low-cost way to encourage healthy behavior among plan participants. Having a plan, along with one or two health promotion activities, can serve as a foundation for a more comprehensive program down the road. What’s important is getting started – we’ll help make it easy.

Wellness Services

Compass will develop a wellness program that suits your employees’ needs.  Our Workplace Wellness series will advise you on how to gain management support, form a wellness team, create a plan and program, choose low-cost wellness initiatives, and evaluate your outcomes.

Our wellness services include:

  • Conduct wellness assessments – including employee needs and interest survey
  • Design and develop wellness programs
  • Select and manage wellness vendor(s) as required
  • Coordinate wellness meetings and health fairs
  • Provide wellness communication materials including online information
  • Evaluate program effectiveness and conduct ongoing monitoring