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Self-Funded Plans

Self-Funded PlansSelf-Funded Plans

With a self-funded health care plan, you pay for the care your employees actually receive, as opposed to paying premiums for coverage they may or may not need. The big advantage of these plans is that you can tailor them specifically to your needs, for significant savings compared to paying insurance premiums.

Under an insured health benefit plan, an insurance company assumes the financial and legal risk of loss in exchange for a fixed premium paid to the carrier by the employer. Self-funding is most attractive to mid-sized and larger companies (250 or more employees) with a healthy workforce and low turnover. Employers typically buy insurance to cover any claims that exceed their projected liability.  We have the expertise to help you decide if self-funding is a good choice for your business.


In addition to our national self-funded programs, Compass Consulting has partnered with Avio Health to offer employers in Northeast Florida an innovative, best-in-class healthcare benefits platform.  This platform currently administers over 500,000 medical lives and $2.5B in annual medical spending.   Avio combines innovation with extensive health care experience and the benefits of a re-engineered health care benefits delivery system.

As an Avio client, your employees receive direct access to Avio Care Advocates. Your Care Advocates work side-by-side with care management specialists and clinicians, and have access to the latest patient information. Avio’s unique, single-point client servicing model provides integrated coordination of:

  • All patient activities
  • Utilization control
  • Chronic condition and health management
  • Physician coordination
  • Care coordination and reporting

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