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Multiple Employer Organizations


Today’s Challenge:
Managing Healthcare Costs in a Complex and Changing Environment

PEOs are often surprised by high rate increases in health renewals and the lack of transparency in the process.  Many PEOs ask:

  • Is there a better way to manage our health plan risk?
  • Can we break the cycle of high rate increases and find stability?
  • Are there performance reports that could help us avoid surprises?
  • How do our offerings and rates compare to other PEOs?
  • Can I offer our clients quality healthcare choices, yet contain expenses at the same time?

The answer to these questions is “Yes!” Compass will guide you.

Complete Solutions

We understand the importance of healthcare to your business.  An effective plan provides quality healthcare choices to attract and retain employees, while at the same time, allows your PEO to control costs and eliminate administrative headaches.  Compass Consulting offers the products, rates, risk management, and insurance carriers that will make you successful in your current markets and new ones.  We provide complete solutions and will broker your ancillary lines of business such as dental, life, and disability, and consult for large clients who may purchase your services.

An Experienced Partner

Compass Consulting has provided Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) benefits and risk management services since 1995.  As one of the nation’s largest PEO benefits providers, we consult to over 40 PEOs throughout the United States, giving us unparalleled experience in crafting plans designed solely from the PEO perspective.

Our philosophy is simple:
Provide avenues to sustained and profitable growth.

Unlike traditional brokers and consultants, we assess our fees on a predetermined per-employee-per month basis rather than a percentage of premiums.  Our fees grow only as your plan enrollment grows, not as your premiums increase.  This provides your PEO a foundation to achieve sustainable growth and profitability without escalating costs.

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