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Health care communications

Educate, Inform, Communicate
Compass Consulting Is Your Communication Partner.

In today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, it’s more important than ever to stay informed of the issues that could impact your business.  As part of your platform of services, Compass Consulting will provide you the resources and materials you need to keep you and your employees up-to-date on the latest healthcare topics.

Employee Communications

It is without question that your employees need to understand their benefits in order to be wise consumers. We have the resources to help you tackle all your communication challenges and educate your employees on their benefit options so they can make informed choices.

As our client, you will receive:

  • Benefits Announcements
    We have memos, flyers, payroll stuffers and articles for you to use to announce and explain current benefit offerings.
  • Benefits Statements
    Help employees understand their “hidden paycheck” with custom benefits statements.
  • Consumer-Directed Health Care (CDHC) Resources
    Empower your employees to be the directors of their health and medical care. We have everything you need to do so – flyers, articles, payroll stuffers, e-mails and posters.
  • Monthly Newsletters
    Keep your employee body healthy, well and safe with our monthly Live Well, Work Well newsletter. Flyers are also available for targeting specific health conditions.
  • Retirement Education
    Ensure that your employees are financially fit and ready for retirement with our Savings Fitness flyers.
  • Live Well, Work Well
    This series of flyers centers on health and wellness issues, educating employees on how to live healthy and productive lives.