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Employee Benefits Are Our Specialty


The cost of providing healthcare benefits to your employees is rising significantly. In today’s economy, many employers struggle to balance employee needs with their own capabilities and bottom lines.  Helping you meet these divergent needs is our specialty.

Since 1995, Compass Consulting Group has provided insurance and employee benefits consulting services to the business community.  Today, we manage benefits for more than 250,000 employees in 37 states, making us one of Northeast Florida’s largest benefit providers (as measured by premium volume).

Built upon a tradition of integrity, industry leadership and excellence, we are committed to delivering tailored benefit solutions with thoughtful strategic planning, valuable professional services and technology-based solutions.

Our clients include:

Multi-Tiered Account Management

At Compass Consulting, we know the pressure you and your clients face from employees and competitors. The depth, experience, and exceptional service of our management consultants will help you meet these challenges.

To ensure your account receives the highest quality service, Compass uses a multiple-tiered account oversight process.  As a client, you are assigned a senior-level consultant and an account manager who will personally work with your company on a day-to-day basis. Their recommendations are reviewed by two executive managers (link to management page), assuring you of solutions that are creative and customized, as well as cost-efficient.

Our Client Philosophy: Exceeding Your Expectations

We understand that retaining a consultant to advise you about your insurance and benefits programs is an important process. Obtaining competitive quotes for coverage and handling claims problems is only a small part of what you should expect from your insurance and employee benefits advisor. Compass Consulting Group goes further, providing quality service throughout the year by partnering with you and your employees.  You’ll receive custom employee communication materials, human resources tools, claims data analysis services and much more. We use these tools to help you meet your benefits objectives. We at Compass will exceed your expectations by anticipating your needs and proactively providing solutions to manage your employee benefits.

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